What music do foetuses prefer?

What music do foetuses prefer? Do they respond equally to all music? After completing the study with Bach flute music, Institut Marquès is investigating other types of music and sounds and is observing very different responses. They are currently analysing the response in terms of the proportion of foetuses that move their mouth and tongue […]

Music and foetal stimulation

Music and foetal stimulation Discovery on foetal stimulation with music via the vagina For the first time we know that foetuses hear from 16 weeks (11 centimetres) and that sounds from outside reach them as distorted whispers. We have discovered the formula for them to hear as we do, so that sound reaches them effectively […]

What does music do to the brain?

What does music do to the brain? The brain and music The nucleus accumbens is formed by a group of brain neurons whose stimulation produces dopamine, a substance that makes us feel wellbeing. The nucleus accumbens is the centre where we experience the sensation of reward and it is also the pleasure centre; pleasure that can arise from […]

The music

The music Why music? Music is a creation, a human invention, we live with it daily; where does it come from? Why did we invent it? On the origin of music and its effects in humans, there are different theories and contributions, based on scientific studies, all very interesting and holding different views as to the origins […]