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Institut Marquès presents its studies on music and the beginning of life at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14.09.2017 | Institut Marquès presented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) its scientific studies on the influence of music on embryonic and fetal development.

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Will babies recognize their mother's voice at birth?

25.04.2017 | IM studies reveal that the unborn baby is unable to recognize the maternal voice because he hears virtually nothing of what comes from the outside. The foetus only hears the sounds that arrive to him from[...]

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Newborns do not recognise their mother’s voice because they cannot hear it during pregnancy

26.09.2016 | The foetus only responds to voices emitted through the vagina because the abdominal wall muffles the sound from the outside. The reaction of the foetus differs according to whether the mother’s voice or[...]

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Babies react to their mother’s voice when it is emitted through the vagina from the 16th week of pregnancy

15.06.2016 | The foetus moves its mouth in an exaggerated manner when it hears a human voice. This occurs from the 16th week of pregnancy and only when the voice reaches it through an intravaginal device developed[...]

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Babypod lets you speak through a mobile phone to your unborn baby

24.02.2016 | Babypod is presented today at the first Wearable Technologies Conference, a pioneering global platform in the innovation and development of the market of technologies applied to the body.

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Christmas concert for future mums shows babies “singing” in the womb

29.12.2015 | Ten future mums have attended a Christmas concert in which their babies were able to enjoy carols through Babypod®, the first device to emit music inside the vagina. This revolutionary invention enabled[...]

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Institut Marquès discovers the way for foetuses to actually hear and respond to musical stimuli

06.10.2015 | With only 16 weeks, foetuses hear and respond to music, provided it is emitted from the mother’s vagina. Foetuses respond to that stimulus by opening their mouths and sticking their tongues out, with vocalization[...]

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