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How to use Babypod?

It’s very easy. To start, get into a comfortable position.

1. Gently insert the free end of Babypod until it is inside the vagina.

2. Connect the jack plug to your Smartphone.

3. If you want to share the music your baby is listening to, there is another audio input on the top of the connector for your headphones.

4. To remove your Babypod, just pull gently on the connection cord.

Babypod hygiene

Recommendations and cautions:

Remember that cleaning Babypod to assure hygiene is essential before and after each use.

1. With Babypod CLOSED, clean the outside with mild soap and water every time you use it, including the portion of cable that may have been inserted. Dry it and store it. Do not submerge your Babypod underwater.

2. To clean the inside of your Babypod, open it clockwise. The parts that need to be cleaned are the outer cap and the filter. This can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

3. WARNING! Avoid the inside part connected to the cable getting wet directly. You can use a damp cloth to clean it if necessary.