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Music is Life

The Babypod pack contains:

  • Babypod device
  • Auxiliary Headphones
  • Case
  • Satin Bag
  • User’s Manual
  • Warranty

*The mobile phone is not included


Babypod is a small intravaginal device . Scientific studies show that it encourages communication and vocalization in babies before birth through the music streamed. Babypod gives them their first musical and learning experience.

It is also the only product of its kind scientifically guaranteed. It has been tested and approved by Institut Marquès, an international centre of reference in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction.

6 reviews for Babypod

  1. Maria

    It was fun and exciting. Also I could see the face of my child, how she gestured and smiled with the music. I’m delighted.

  2. Lidia

    Although the baby had his arm in front of his face, we could see his features and see how his mouth and tongue were moving, among other movements. He responded to the musical stimulus. We believe that it has been a positive experience for baby and for parents.

  3. Abbie

    It’s a good experience! The baby moved a lot.
    PS: Follow the average time limit recommended 🙂

  4. Elawoman

    Such a great informative article. I am glad to be here and read this. I am waiting for too long for this. Thanks for providing this and give such important facts from this content. Elawoman

  5. Joline

    Amazing family shared moments, the way our baby reacts when we play him Daddy and Mommy’s voices reading stories is just priceless! 😀

  6. Kelly

    When my baby-girl was in her cocoon i would pop it up in the vag and play music that she would bop her head too. It was also quite handy getting text alerts when i was not near my phone.

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